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[EN] Staff Rules


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STAFF - Rules!

1.1 - You are not allowed to help other players / friends with GM ITEMS!

2.1 - You are not allowed to make events without creating a session related to it!

3.1 - You are not allowed to address players with language that is taken out of context on the server chat.

3.2 - This rule is not valid for absolutely everyone who holds a certain degree.

4.1 - You are not allowed to abuse orders or rank wherever you are on the server regardless of section!

5.1 - You are not allowed to use the commands: ban/unban/kick/mute/unmute/jail/unjail without proof.

5.2 - You can possibly talk to a STAFF - MANAGER / HEAD OF STAFF on the server/DISCORD!

6.1 - You are not allowed to offend/insult/take advantage of/ignore players or other STAFF colleagues!

7.1 - You may not favor players.

7.2 - This means don't give them GM/creative/kit items or teleport them to certain coordinates.

7.3 - Don't build for them using WE or interfere with their game.

8.1 - You are not allowed to participate in PVP using or activating fly, god, vanish, smite etc commands.

8.2 - Or any other order that can give you a certain advantage over your opponent!

9.1 - You are not allowed to give the STAFF account to other people!

9.2 - Whether that person is a relative or best friend.
10.1 - You are not allowed to take donations from players!

10.2 - If a player announces on the chat that he wants to donate you have the duty to guide him to the donation site or to @.
11.1 - For violating the above rules you risk getting downgraded!

11.2 - Or remove depending on the problems created.


1.1 - Conflicts between staff members are resolved with one of the server owners!

1.2 - Not on the forum and not on the server. 2.1 - For any problem regarding the right to be absent from the server, contact one of: @ @

2.2 - Any Grade that did not discuss before leaving without being invited by one of the grades: @ @ will receive remove!

3.1 - All ranks that are missing more than 5 days without talking to one of @ @ will get instant remove!

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